Chronicles of the Interstate 405 Resistance, Survival

My writing projects that are non-Fan Fiction.

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~Since this is going to possibly be an actual novel. I will not be posting the whole damn thing. Aswell for this I will be removing the password lock on this forum to have other people, but not guests. Guests can't be trusted on the interwebs!!~


A speaker cracked into hearing. The static frequency shifting through different tones. A low monotone voice cracked through the speak with a long pop. "Authorization?". The speaker spoke, crackling, causing stress on the last sylibal. Soldier spoke in a hoarse voice. "Corpsewagon." He spoke, trying to be clear. Raising his rebreather back over his mouth, coughing and wheezing, inhaling once again the clean and purified air. "Welcome back, Locus." The speaker responded. "Your payload looks to be above the average quota. Bring the drones down to the labs. Scientist Lohgun would like to see the specimens." The speaker crackled again. A loud, ear ringing pop emits from the speaker. Locus nodded, responding with a grunt of agreement.


~More will be posted later. As I've ran out of time to continue this bit.~

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